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"Steps to Heaven has literally been a God Send. My father got diagnosed with ALS and was deteriorating rapidly. My sister and I live out  of state and couldn't immediately run out to California, so we contacted Steps and they immediately quarterbacked everything.  From making sure that his living trust was up to date, to finding us trustworthy caregivers, and even cleaning up and organizing his messy  house, Steps was literally there for us every step of the way!" - Ann H., Miami FL

"My husband of 42 years passed away suddenly this past spring, and because he was always the one in charge of managing our  finances and paying our bills, I was at a loss as to what to do to start managing my finances on my own.  I was referred to Steps to Heaven by a social worker, and I have been working with their wonderful geriatric care manager, Tina, who  has been helping me to sort my bills and take me to the banks to change the accounts over into my name (including those my husband  held in his name only) without having to go through probate.  She also helped me through the difficult process of sorting through his  personal belongings and she even drove me to drop his old clothes off to Goodwill.  I could not have gone through the grief alone without them!" - Phyllis S., Los Angeles CA

"We needed to place our mom in an assisted living facility but didn't have the time to research and visit the hundreds of options in our  area.  Steps to Heaven helped us streamline the process by providing us with referrals to facilities that they have already pre-vetted with  their rigorous standards to ensure quality, affordability, and most of all, safety.  They found us a wonderful place near to my home so that  my kids and I can go visit her regularly, and Steps also routinely makes unannounced surprise visits too so that they can keep an eye on  my mom's safety and wellbeing." - Maria G., Glendale, CA


"I am a social worker, and it is often a challenge to find the right resources for our elderly clients.  We are always on a time constraint  due to our case load.  Steps to Heaven is a wonderful resource for us and our clients because they are literally a 1-stop shop that can  provide services or referrals to services to meet virtually all of the clients' needs under one roof, instead of having to go to all these  different companies to meet all the various needs.  And their willingness to service everyone especially the "house rich cash poor"  and  other needy seniors, on a sliding scale or deferred-fee basis, truly makes them a hidden gem in our community." 
- Ashley S., Los Angeles CA

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